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1. SmartSwipe
The SmartSwipe is a powerful home credit card reader that allows you to swipe your credit card at any computer for secure onl...
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2. ESET - Antivirus Software Firewall and Anti-spam
ESET software provides advanced proactive antivirus protection. Download the award-winning ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Smart Secuirty no...
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3. SpywareDB
Focuses on gathering manual spyware removal instructions. It s staff analyses various parasites and explains how to remove spyware....
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4. Astaro Internet Security
Astaro provides secure VPN connection as well as complete Email Web and Network protection. Get your free tri...
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5. Tulsa Computer - Anti-Virus Experts
Specializes in virus removal and prevention. Computer repairs and upgrade...
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6. Key Space
A IT security company housed in Brisbane Australia that specialize in maintaining your serve...
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7. NETGATE Internet Security
Based on a rich knowledge in the security software development area NETGATE Technologies develops a complete security solution against Inte...
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A patented electronic signature solution that provides users with the ability to securely "sign" documents on the Internet telephone or face to face helping to increase spe...
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9. Secure Messaging Portal - Privacy Data Systems
Provides secure solutions to send and receive files messages audio and video o...
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10. Password Recovery - Passware
Forgotten your password? Need to regain access to password-protected files or systems? Passwords list destroyed? Windows Key software recovers or resets passw...
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11. Spyware Remover - XoftSpy
Spyware remover and spyware removal tool for safely and securely removing all forms of spyware from your syste...
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12. THUMBTECHS Security Consulting
Business computer consulting for large and small companies in the Dallas Fort...
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13. Recovery Card Goliath HD Protector
The Goliath card is a very simple to use and an effective tool allowing you to keep the computer system in very good condition for a long...
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14. Netfast Communications Inc.
Provides information security and network integration services. In addition being a certified partner they resell and support products from vendors such as Juniper Alcatel Check Point and mor...
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15. Jake Smith Consulting
IT security consultant who specialises in information security and risk management. Tailored information security strategies developed by...
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16. Softection - Digital Asset Protection
Protect your Digital Assets. Stop data leakage. Prevent unauthorized use of confidential information. Guard against theft loss and misuse of sensitive data on lap...
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17. Dalen Limited
Security products supplier that specialise in the supply of security products from projector cases to secure computer enclosures and furn...
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On-the-fly military strength disk...
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19. ALWIL Software a.s.
Provides fully featured antivirus and anti-malware protection for multiple operating syst...
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20. Face Detection and Face Recognition
Face detection and recognition software project includes an online demo of the algorithm links to free software libraries and a list of existing...
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21. Safe n Sec Pro+Anti-Spyware
AntiVirus AntiHacker AntiSpyware. Real-time Proactive Computer Protection against viruses spyware vulnerabilities and threats with an o...
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22. Security and Privacy Software Appliances and Techn
Presents the best security software privacy software security appliances and easy cost effective techniques to protect security and privacy for individual...
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