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1. Language School in Berlin - IH Berlin PROLOG
At IH Berlin PROLOG people from more than 50 countries learn German as a foreign language in small international g...
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2. Linguarama Language Training
Effective training in business language and culture for professionals with centres across Euro...
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3. Tiberius International - Study Italian in Rimini I
The Italian language school Tiberius International is situated in the historical and lively city of Rimini on t...
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4. Cactus Spanish Course New York
Cactus is an award-winning company and a leading provider of language holidays worldwide and part-time evening language co...
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5. Exlinguo - Russian Language School in Novosibirsk
A language school that offers intensive Russian courses for students and adults in Siberia. You will be completely immersed in Russian language and culture the perfect way to make good prog...
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6. SIMON and SIMON Language Courses
Provider of experienced language trainers delivering 100s of tailor made language courses everyday throughout the UK and worldwide...
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7. Cervantes International Malaga
Spanish immersion language courses in Malaga south of Spain. Accommodations in apartments host f...
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8. Quality English
English language courses at schools in the UK with preparation for CPE IELTS TOEFL and TOEIC for international students learning English as a foreign...
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9. Llama Education - Spanish School
Small and private school that offers the opportunity to study Spanish and immerse...
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10. The Hellenic Centre
UK based charity promoting Hellenic Culture. The London conference venue offers exhibitions Greek language courses and cultural...
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11. Learn French London-style - St George Internationa
Enjoy outstanding teaching and facilities when you choose St Georges to learn Frenc...
[ ]

12. Hansa Language Centre
Come see why more people have studied at Hansa than any other langua...
[ ]

13. Argentina Ibero Spanish School-Buenos Aires
IBERO is a Spanish school located in the heart of Buenos Aires with highly qualified Spanish instructors a friendly environment and of...
[ ]

14. Patagonia School
Located in the beautiful city of Bariloche offers a quality Spanish learning experience and a caring study environment in a ver...
[ ]

15. Accademia di Italiano
AI organizes standard and intensive Italian language courses either general or dedicated to specific subjects (fashion design opera art business). Accommodation service and assistance to get visa...
[ ]

16. Enforex - Spanish in Spain
Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America with Enforex. Total Immersion Courses for all levels. Spanish schools with accommodation open...
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17. The Juanjo Spanish Language School
Spanish language school in Arequipa Peru. Learn Spanish in one of South America s most beautiful cities...
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18. IT Club - Study Italian in Rome
The It Club is a small and familiar Italian language school in the center of Rome (Italy) and informs students interested in studying here about the courses and accomodation se...
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19. BSL Interlenguas-London Language Immersion
Intensive one-to-one language courses in London using immersion training (8 and 12 hour days). Tuition in Spanish French Italian German and English for individual and corpora...
[ ]

20. Spanish in Peru
Learn the Spanish language in a fast and funny way at Machu Picchu Spanish Sch...
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21. Hanoi Language and Culture Tours
Learn Vietnamese on site in Hanoi. Practise in the streets explore the culture see the sights. Fun fast and eff...
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